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Everybody dance now

From intimate receptions to the nuptial affair of the season (where even your cousin’s plumber is invited), Active Entertainment is The One your wedding reception can’t live without. We love meeting with brides and grooms, getting to know your unique music preferences and suggesting songs from our mammoth music library. Your comfort level is what matters most to us, so we work to make sure you’re happy with the play list and the flow of your reception. In fact, the DJ you consult with before your wedding will be the one you see on your wedding day. Using top-of-the-line sound equipment, we’ll mix beats, blend songs, and most important of all: read your crowd and respond accordingly. Because we bring the party to nearly 300 weddings every year, you can trust that we’ve been there, done that, bought the table setting. We’ll do our part to make your big day seamless. Need music for your wedding ceremony, too? We’ll be there when you say “I do.”


corporate + academic

CORPORATE EVENTS: Definitely not business as usual

Active Entertainment has had the privilege of DJ’ing holiday parties, family days and workshops for local businesses like PPD, GE and Corning. Not to mention wrap parties for movie studios, sporting events for NFL teams and parties for Grammy Award winners. No matter what your business is celebrating or commemorating, Active Entertainment is on the scene to make sure your employee morale goes through the roof. Or, if you prefer we blend into the background, we can do that, too.

ACADEMIC EVENTS: We’ve earned our Ph.D. in Partyology

Hosting a sorority soiree? Professor appreciation event? Elementary school fundraiser? From youngsters to hipsters to proms, Active Entertainment schools the competition on how to pack the dance floor.


private parties

celebrate like you mean it

Life is short, so leave no occasion behind. From personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations to national holidays like New Year’s Eve, July 4th and Arbor Day (if you’re into that), Active Entertainment makes any day worth remembering.



Awesome Enhancements

Beyond our mad mixing and hosting skills, Active Entertainment can bling out your event with extras to enhance the overall vibe. Check out our additional services:
Special-Effect Lighting: Transform any setting with color and movement. From uplighting to monogram lighting to patterns of light dancing across the walls, special-effect lighting elevates the dazzle factor.
Sound Reinforcement: Say you’re hosting 500 people in a huge venue. Or you need additional PA equipment for a cocktail hour in a separate location from your dance floor. Either way, we can amp up the sound with additional state-of-the-art speakers and sound equipment.
Video Projector/Screen Rentals: That video you’ve been carefully crafting for the bride and groom will finally have an audience at the wedding. Let us hook you up with a projector and screen.
Overtime: Your DJ’s contracted time is over, but your guests are still tearing up the dance floor. (We take it as a compliment.) In most cases, our DJs can keep the party going for an additional $150 per hour.


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